Top Five Productivity Enhancers

Every once in a while–like today–I find the need for an extra something to keep the work flowing properly. Here is my list of current productivity enhancers:

1. The “off” button on my phones.

2. A large pot of PG Tips tea. By noon, it’s all gone.

3. iTunes on “shuffle”. Alternatively, Adam and The Ants “Dirk Wears White Sox” on repeat and very loud. I’m old-school.

4. Laptop and PC running simultaneously.

5. Once-hourly breaks for NPR news or some other update.

The most valuable is the “off” button. “Dirk Wears White Sox” makes me write faster for some reason, and having the laptop and PC on at the same time lets me multitask even more…I run all media from the PC, e-mail and research on the laptop, and sometimes compose on both at once. I’ll alternate between blog entries and articles and sometimes submit two unrelated pieces of writing within seconds of each other. This probably qualifies me as a bone fide nut job, but I don’t care. So far, so good.

Feel free to post your own productivity enhancers in the comments section, the stranger or more innovative the better.