SanDisk Cruzer 4GB USB Flash Drive

Flash drives are incredibly handy for a busy writer, especially if you have to do business between the home office and an on-site gig where you need quick access to your audio interview files, .xml spreadsheets, Word or MS Office files or digital images. We know plenty of people who go back and forth between part-time PR or writing gigs at non-profits, record labels, and small presses, and full time freelancing.

When you’re on the go, a USB flash drive like this four-gigabyte SanDisk Titanium Cruzer is just the thing. Just copy the files from your computer onto the drive, stash it in your purse or backpack and get out to the gig. How much storage IS four gigabytes? Consider that you can store as many as 800 mp3 songs on the Cruzer, so we’re talking hundreds of digital photos and hundreds more documents and spreadsheets. 

Buy UPDATE: Prices on this drive have dropped to an ASTOUNDING $24.99. We don’t always catch those radical price shifts, but many thanks to Scott “Eagle Eyes” Wahlen for pointing out that the market is much more reasonable for the Cruzer. It was originally listing for over $100. At these prices, we predict these won’t last long.